Banwell Buddies Committee 2018-19

Chair: Carole Cragg

Treasurer: Vikki Fitzpatrick

Secretary: Catherine Warren

Members: Kirsty Webber, Emma Allen, Rebecca Summers, Chris Simms.

Members of our committee, their children and Lisa Stannard from Love Banwell who kindly gave us a donation from the proceeds of the refreshments at the recent Big Community Picnic. June 2019. 

A message from our Chair:

Hi, my name is Carole. My family and I moved to Banwell 6 years ago now. Back then I had 2 small girls, knew no one and was a total stranger. My eldest started at Banwell Buddies in September 2013 and right away we became part of a family. I've always been quite a shy person but was determined to get to know people. I helped out at the bonfire night that year and subsequently got roped into joining the committee as treasurer because I was able to work out the correct change.

Well, like I said that was 6 years ago and those of you who know me now know that my 4th child is currently at Buddies and I have now become Chair of the Committee. I've made some great friends as have the children who have loved going to Buddies, each from the age of 2 until transitioning to school. The staff and other committee members have always been so supportive and friendly, helping our family to become a firm part of the community.

My eldest daughter has ASD, and with the help of the staff I was able to start the process of getting the help we needed and she was given extra support to prepare her for school. They are so adaptive I cant speak more highly of the team. I couldn't imagine what it would be like without Buddies as a hub in our village.

A message from Emma, one of our committee members. 

Hi all, I’m Emma and I’m a member of the management committee at Banwell Buddies. 

I have two children, 12 and 6, and we’ve lived in the village for 9 years. Before that I’ve lived in various parts of the country but I grew up in Winscombe and have family there. I trained as an early years teacher and worked in a few different schools but stopped when my son was little. I run a project for the council now, and am on the Partnership Board for our group of local Children’s Centres, and an assistant leader at 1st Banwell Beavers.

I joined the committee when my son was little, had a break while he was at school and my daughter was a baby, then rejoined to make sure that the committee kept on going and Buddies stayed open! I feel like I’m using my skills and experience and have really enjoyed being involved in current practice in early years settings. Things in education are always changing and developing so I’m learning all the time.

In general we only meet three or four times a year; there is always plenty to do though if you’re keen! Being involved in community groups is really rewarding. You get to see first hand how living in a village community enriches people’s lives. I also have really loved developing relationships with the people I’ve met, and the team at Buddies are really awesome! Meetings are always interesting, we’re all lovely people and it’s really great to see real progress being made.