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Banwell Buddies Committee 2020-21

Chair: Carole Cragg

Members:  Chris Simms, Rebecca Alexander & Vikki Fitzpatrick..

Members of our committee, their children and Lisa Stannard from Love Banwell who kindly gave us a donation from the proceeds of the refreshments at the recent Big Community Picnic. June 2019. 

A message from our Chair:

Hi, my name is Carole. My family and I moved to Banwell 6 years ago now. Back then I had 2 small girls, knew no one and was a total stranger. My eldest started at Banwell Buddies in September 2013 and right away we became part of a family. I've always been quite a shy person but was determined to get to know people. I helped out at the bonfire night that year and subsequently got roped into joining the committee as treasurer because I was able to work out the correct change.

Well, like I said that was 6 years ago and those of you who know me now know that my 4th child is currently at Buddies and I have now become Chair of the Committee. I've made some great friends as have the children who have loved going to Buddies, each from the age of 2 until transitioning to school. The staff and other committee members have always been so supportive and friendly, helping our family to become a firm part of the community.

My eldest daughter has ASD, and with the help of the staff I was able to start the process of getting the help we needed and she was given extra support to prepare her for school. They are so adaptive I cant speak more highly of the team. I couldn't imagine what it would be like without Buddies as a hub in our village..


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